People hire a family law attorney in Vidalia, GA when they need legal assistance with a divorce or child custody dispute. However, family law attorneys are able to handle many other types of sensitive  family matters. Today, the Law Office of Tipton-Downie wants to tell you more about the ways family lawyers can help you:

  • Divorce and legal separations – Family law attorneys assist spouses who are seeking divorce or legal separations. Should you decide you want to adjust your current divorce agreement, a family law attorney can assist with this, too.
  • Custody rights and visitation – Family law attorneys help parents obtain child custody rights. They can also negotiate on your behalf about visitation agreements.
  • Spousal support and child support payments – Family lawyers will defend your rights to spousal support and child support payments. If you find that your ex-partner is neglecting your agreement and causing you and your children to suffer, call us immediately.
  • Adoptions and blended families – A family law attorney also helps those seeking to start a family through adoption or blend a family through a marriage. Both of these areas come with legalities you need to be aware of.

If you need a family law attorney for any of these legal situations or other family matters, call the Law Office of Tipton-Downie. Our lawyers in Vidalia, GA understand how to handle these issues and will assist you when you need to legal action.