Dealing with an injury you suffered on the job is enough to deal with. But having to deal with a workers’ compensation claim in addition to your recovery can be exhausting. Hiring a workers’ comp attorney to manage your case can be a great relief. So how do you hire the best workers’ compensation lawyer for you? The Law Office of Tipton-Downie has some tips on how to best hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

Do your research

Start researching local law firms in your area or get recommendations from people who’ve had to file a workers’ comp claim. Look for firms that do a lot of work in the area of disability law. You want to hire the right lawyer for the job, so see what information you can uncover regarding a lawyer’s experience and credentials.

Set up a meeting

Narrow your choices down to two or three attorneys and schedule a consultation with each one. This allows you the chance to gain your own perspective on how the lawyer might handle your case. When meeting with lawyers, make a note of how they communicate with you and how they listen to your comments and questions.

Read reviews and listen to feedback

Get testimonials from past clients to hear about how their cases were handled. This will help you see how other clients were treated and how other cases were handled by that particular firm.

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