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Need Debt Relief? Work with a Bankruptcy Attorney

During a bankruptcy hearing, a judge may ask if the person filing has actually met with his or her attorney. This isn’t a question that judges have always asked. In fact, the question has to be asked because of one of the latest trends in debt relief— the advent of “bankruptcy mills.” These agencies claim to provide debt relief options to people struggling with difficult financial situations, but they often fail to provide any direct representation. By comparison, a bankruptcy attorney will attend to all your needs and make you aware of every possible option in your case.

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision. It’s not a decision that should not be entered into lightly. Likewise, clients shouldn’t be given the expectation that there are no consequences. The best way to achieve results in debt relief is to discuss your individual needs directly with an experienced attorney who will remain committed to your case.

What to Expect From Your Consultation with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

At the Law Office of Tipton-Downie, P.C., we provide personalized representation to individuals in need of debt relief. During your initial consultation with our firm, bankruptcy attorney Sarah M. Tipton-Downie will discuss the pertinent details of your financial situation. For example, this may include your schedule of debt, credit report, assets, and income. Our attorney will use all of this information to help you arrive at an appropriate solution.

When you work with us, we’ll be straightforward in answering your questions regarding:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Restructuring and modifications of payment plans
  • Wage garnishment and frozen bank accounts
  • Harassment from creditors

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Services for Southern Georgia

As you may already know, there are certain eligibility requirements for each type of debt relief. If you do not qualify for one type of debt relief, other options still exist. We’ll help you file correctly the first time and for the right kind of debt relief. We promise that you won’t waste your time, energy, or resources when you work with us.

We handle cases throughout Southern Georgia, including Toombs County. Contact a lawyer at our Vidalia, GA law office today by calling (800) 448-0146. Don’t delay—get started now on your road to financial recovery.

We offer free initial consultations for debt relief cases. Please complete the worksheet below and bring it with you to your consultation.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Serving Clients Throughout Southern Georgia

Our law firm handles cases throughout Southern Georgia. Contact our Vidalia, GA office today by calling (912) 537-9265. We’re here to give you the legal counsel you need.