Recovering from a workplace injury can be both physically and mentally draining. However, it can also be financially taxing, too. If you’re currently working with a workers’ compensation lawyer, you’ve probably asked them about which expenses will be covered by your workers’ compensation claim. The Law Office of Tipton-Downie has a brief overview of some of the expenses that could be covered in these cases.

Medical bills

Most employers of any business are held responsible for covering any costs of medical care that resulted from a workplace or on-the-job injury. These covered expenses include, but are not limited to, initial treatment, emergency room care, ambulance rides, and hospital stays. Should your employer claim that they’re not responsible, talk to one of our lawyers about the circumstances.

Continuing care costs

A workers’ compensation claim should include any financial expenses related to ongoing medical care. A business may still cover these costs even if the employee doesn’t return to their prior position with the company. Examples of continuing care are surgery, follow-up visits, visits to a specialist, and rehabilitation.

Income loss

Often, work injuries can prevent you from being able to return to your job for some time. Workers’ compensation requires businesses to pay some portion back to you while you recover.

Funeral expenses and loss-of-life compensation

If your loved one passes away because of a workplace accident, workers’ compensation is designed to help cover the related expenses. These policies may provide your family with death benefits as well as financial help with funeral costs.

Contact the Law Office of Tipton-Downie in Vidalia, GA if you would like a workers’ compensation lawyer to review your work injury case. We can help you get just compensation related to your physical or emotional injuries.