There are many things to consider when you file for bankruptcy in the state of Georgia. One of these is the personal property exemption. When you work with a bankruptcy lawyer at the Law Office of Tipton-Downie, we’ll make sure you understand bankruptcy exemptions like these should they apply to your case. Here’s a brief overview of personal property exemptions in the Georgia bankruptcy courts:

  • According to Georgia’s bankruptcy code, you could be granted one or more of these exemptions for your bankruptcy case:
    • An exemption of $500 for jewelry.
    • An exemption of $5,000 for household goods. These goods include clothing, furniture, crops, animals, appliances, books, and other personal effects. You may claim up to $300 per individual item.
    • An exemption of $10,000 for personal injury payments received.

Please know that any bankruptcy exemption you may qualify for depends on your specific situation and other factors of your case. Should you choose to file for bankruptcy without an attorney, you might miss out on other possible exemptions that you’re eligible for.

Do you have questions about personal property exemptions in the Georgia bankruptcy courts? Call our office to speak to a bankruptcy lawyer in Vidalia, GA. The bankruptcy attorney at the Law Office of Tipton-Downie will listen to your situation, explain your options, and offer guidance on debt relief programs. You can rely on us to give you the best advice and representation for your case.