It’s a question bankruptcy attorneys hear all the time from potential clients: How much money will it cost for me to file?

This is a completely logical concern. After all, people filing for bankruptcy typically have financial issues or are experiencing financial difficulties to some degree. Before you file, you should definitely find out exactly what you’ll be required to pay.

According to the State of Georgia’s bankruptcy laws, it currently costs $310 to file for Chapter 13 and $335 to file for Chapter 7. These fees are the same regardless of your marital status. What if you need to file but don’t have the funds available to pay these fees upfront? In this case, you may be allowed to make payments. This is a decision the court will make after your request.

Keep in mind that these fees are what’s required to get the process started in the state courts. It does not include your attorney’s fees. However, hiring a bankruptcy attorney is your best bet for regaining your financial footing.

The Law Office of Tipton-Downie offers honest, compassionate representation for people filing for bankruptcy. We’ll give you a free initial consultation to help determine the best steps for you to take. We’ll also give you an upfront schedule of our fees. We always want you to make the right decision for you and your family. Call today for help in Toombs County and the Vidalia, GA area.