If you’re filing for bankruptcy in the state of Georgia, there are certain exemptions you may be eligible for. Qualified individuals may be able to protect certain types of property from the state’s bankruptcy trustee. The Law Office of Tipton-Downie has bankruptcy lawyers near you who have helped many people over the years. We’d like to help you, too. Here’s some information on several common exemptions in the Georgia bankruptcy courts.

  1. Wages – According to Georgia’s bankruptcy law, your wages may be exempt. This depends on what you earn, as well as the state or federal minimum hourly wage.
  2. Personal property – You may be able to get exemptions for personal property such as jewelry, household goods, clothing, tools, furnishings, animals, crops, and money received as part of a personal injury settlement.
  3. Vehicle – Your vehicle may be exempt up to a certain amount of its value.
  4. Homestead – Your home may qualify for exemption. This depends on who holds the title to the property and how it’s being used.
  5. Benefits and retirement/pension – Retirement accounts, pension accounts, and certain types of benefits may be exempt. These include disability payments, illness benefits, unemployment benefits, veterans benefits, Social Security benefits, among others.
  6. “Wildcard” exemption – Georgia law also includes a “wildcard” exemption. This allows you to claim a $1200 exemption for anything you choose.

Do any of the exemptions mentioned above apply to your case? Are you looking for experienced bankruptcy lawyers near you? Call the Law Office of Tipton-Downie to talk to our lawyers in Vidalia, GA today.