bankruptcy attorney in Vidalia, GA like the one at the Law Office of Tipton-Downie will help bring your case to the best possible solution. That includes making the right moves immediately after filing for bankruptcy. Here are five key things you should do once you’ve made the decision to file:

  1. Organize all paperwork – First, you need to gather together any and all paperwork that’s connected to your bankruptcy case. This should include the petition you signed with a bankruptcy attorney, the notice about filing, and your discharge order.
  2. Consistently check your credit reports – Learn what creditors are saying about you and your credit. Schedule credit checks every three to six months.
  3. Start budgeting and review periodically – Take control of your expenses by starting a budget and reviewing it regularly. This way you can see your average spending range month over month.
  4. Have an emergency fund – Once you get your budget in order, it’s always smart to start an emergency fund. This will help you avoid debt in the future and will help you be prepared to handle emergencies whenever they arise.
  5. Carefully consider applying for new credit – Get adjusted to the idea of a regular budget before trying to get new credit. Rebuilding your credit is something you should do eventually, but you should always exercise caution.

If you need to know the steps to filing bankruptcy or need help with debt relief, call the Law Office of Tipton-Downie. Our Vidalia, GA bankruptcy attorney will give you expert legal guidance for your situation.